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Storage Terms & Conditions

Vehicle Storage Terms & Conditions

1. You are required to have comprehensive motor insurance to store your vehicle in our storage facility for both your protection and ours.
2. To securely store your vehicle in our storage facility, we kindly request that you provide us with the keys to your vehicle for safe and efficient handling during the storage period.
3. To utilize our storage service for your vehicle, we will need your complete contact information, including your full name, phone number, email, and address, to ensure a smooth and organized storage process. Please include photocopies of your vehicle’s log book or insurance certificate and your driving license when storing your vehicle with us. These documents are essential for verifying ownership and compliance with legal requirements.
4. It is highly recommended to take photographs of your vehicle before storing it in our facility. These photos act as valuable documentation to record your vehicle’s condition, providing peace of mind and transparency in the event of any unexpected circumstances during storage.
5. Please be aware that any towing and storage fees incurred during the period your vehicle is stored with us will be billed directly to your insurance, ensuring a straightforward process for you.
6. If your insurance is third-party, regrettably, you will be responsible for settling the invoice, meaning you will have to cover the costs from your own resources.

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