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  • What does vehicle storage entail, and when might I find it necessary?
    Vehicle storage provides a secure location for long-term storage of your vehicle.
  • How is the towing process carried out?
    Our dedicated towing service is available 24/7 to transport your vehicle securely.
  • Is my vehicle genuinely secure while in storage?
    Your vehicle's safety is a top priority. We implement security measures, including surveillance and access control, to ensure its protection.
  • Are there specific prerequisites for storing my vehicle?
    Essential requirements include proof of ownership and insurance coverage.
  • What's the cost of storage, and is there a minimum duration of storage required?
    Storage fees are calculated based on several factors and are charged on a daily basis. There's no minimum storage duration.
  • Can you tow and store vehicles that are damaged or non-operational?
    We offer both towing and storage solutions, even if your vehicle isn't in working order.
  • Is there any form of insurance or guarantee for my vehicle during its time in storage?
    Many storage facilities provide insurance to safeguard against potential damages. It's advisable to review your existing insurance policy, and additional coverage options may be available upon request.
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capital recovery storage

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