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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Car Storage Solutions

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

If you're an avid automobile enthusiast or a proud owner, you know that your car is an extension of who you are and not just a means of transportation. Whether you drive a luxury car, an antique car, or just a dependable daily driver, you want to keep it secure, sheltered, and in excellent shape. Here's where alternatives for outside car storage come into play.

It might be difficult to store cars outside in the UK due to the unpredictable weather. However, you can protect your car from the weather and other hazards if you have the appropriate plans and resources. We'll go over the many alternatives for outdoor auto storage and how to pick the best one for your needs in this comprehensive guide.

Recognizing the Requirement for Car Storage Outside

Many automobile owners look for outdoor car storage options, particularly those who live in densely populated urban areas or have little garage spaces. Whether it's because of the weather, extended travel, or an increased sense of security, outdoor car storage offers a practical way to keep your car safe.

Types of Solutions for Outdoor Car Storage

1. Car Covers: One of the easiest and most affordable ways to store cars outside is with a car cover. They provide defense from rain, sun, and debris. However, as they don't offer complete security against theft or vandalism, they might not be appropriate for long-term storage.

2. Outside Parking Spaces: Capital Recovery Storage is one of the many establishments that provide outdoor parking. These are perfect if you don't have a covered parking space or for temporary storage. For additional peace of mind, look for buildings with CCTV and tight fencing.

3. Carports: A semi-covered structure that provides some weather protection is called a carport. It offers your car shade and protection, an improvement over car covers. It might not, however, offer total security.

4. Portable Car Shelters: Usually constructed of sturdy materials like steel or aluminum, portable car shelters provide a great balance between cost and protection. Although they are simple to erect and offer weather protection, they might not be as safe as a dedicated garage.

5. Dedicated Outdoor Garages: Renting a dedicated outdoor garage is the best option for outside vehicle storage. These are the safest alternatives for long-term vehicle storage because they are completely enclosed buildings with security measures.

Selecting the Appropriate Outdoor Vehicle Storage Option

Take the following aspects into account when choosing an outdoor vehicle storage solution:

Security: The safety of your car is very important. Seek out establishments that have robust security features, such as well-lit grounds, access control, and round-the-clock surveillance.

Weather Protection: Select a solution that provides defense against local weather conditions, such as intense rain, high winds, or intense sunlight.

Accessibility: Consider how frequently you'll need to get in and out of your car. Depending on how you use them, some solutions might be more convenient than others.

Cost: Examine the prices of several outdoor vehicle storage options. Finding a solution that meets your budget is crucial even though you want to guarantee the safety of your vehicle.

Insurance: Verify whether storage off-site or in a garage is covered by your auto insurance. If not, think about getting more insurance.

Duration: Estimate the amount of time you'll require storage. A car cover or outdoor parking area might work for short-term storage, but an outdoor garage is a safer option for long-term storage.

Location: The storage facility's location is important. It needs to be convenient and simple for you to get to.

Advantages of Parking Your Car Outside

Choosing outside vehicle storage has a number of advantages:

1. Preservation of Vehicle Value: You can make sure that your car keeps its value over time by keeping it out of the weather. This is particularly crucial for antique vehicles and antiquities.

2. Space Optimization: Outdoor vehicle storage options free up space for other uses if your home does not have a garage.

3. Security: Investing in a safe outdoor storage facility increases defenses against theft and damage.

4. Protection against Environmental Damage: Your car might sustain serious damage from extreme weather like rain, hail, or UV rays. Your car is protected from these elements by outside storage options.

Maintaining Your Car in Outdoor Storage

You should take the following actions to make sure your automobile stays in good condition even with the greatest outdoor car storage solution:

1. Pre-storage Maintenance: Do standard maintenance on your car, such as changing the oil, checking the tire pressure, and cleaning the outside and inside, before putting it in storage.

2. Regular Inspection: Check for problems or damage on a regular basis when you visit your stored car. Verify that security precautions are being kept up at the storage facility.

3. Battery maintenance: To avoid a dead battery when storing your automobile for a long time, think about disconnecting the battery or utilizing a battery maintainer.

4. Tire Covers: Use tire covers to shield your tires from UV rays and flat spots if your car will be parked for a long time.

5. Fuel Stabilizer: To avoid long-term problems with the fuel system, add a fuel stabilizer to the tank.

For those who appreciate the quality and safety of their cars, outdoor automobile storage options are crucial. Depending on your demands and budget, you can choose from carports, car coverings, outdoor parking spaces, portable shelters, and dedicated outdoor garages. To protect your investment, give security and weather protection top priority. Also, remember to have your automobile maintained on a regular basis.

Capital Recovery Storage provides outdoor auto storage options in the UK that are intended to keep your car safe and secure. They will provide you a great outdoor auto storage solution because of their well-kept facilities and dedication to vehicle protection.

Selecting the best outdoor auto storage option will safeguard your investment, maintain the value of your vehicle, and give you peace of mind. Your valuable item deserves the utmost care, and you can make sure it stays in excellent shape for many years to come with proper storage.

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